Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 April 2015

Los Angeles Sunset over the Bay

Sunset over Santa Catalina Island near Los Angeles

Beautiful Sunset Sky for a Romantic Helicopter Tour

Our private Los Angeles tour guide snapped this photo (among many many more) of the sun setting over the sea and Santa Catalina Island as the luxury helicopter approached the coast.  If we are not heading over the bay to land on Catalina Island for some island sightseeing and adventures we just head up along the coast to Malibu.  When we get to the shoreline we can drop in altitude and just skim the waves.  That affords us close up views of the celebrity homes along the beach as well as the whales migrating through the channel heading up to their feeding grounds in the north.  We never worry when our guests book late afternoon tours with us because we know how beautiful and exciting sunset is in our great southern California city.  We also have special spots in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica where we like to stop to admire the skies and the setting sun.

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