Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 April 2015

History is Myth in Venice

A look at a popular Venice, CA mural

A Crowd Enjoys the Venice Mural

with Our Private Tour

Outdoor murals are plentiful throughout Los Angeles and we take great pride in this public art form and southern California’s contribution.  Venice in particular is known for its wall-sized paintings and our private Los Angeles tour guests are treated to a number of examples when we are exploring Venice Beach with them.  One of the more notable artists whose work is displayed along the Venice Boardwalk is Rip Cronk and one of his most observed and talked about efforts is Venice Reconstituted painted in 1989.  Using familiar images from classic painting as well as icons representing the Venice of that time the Venice plaza building wall around the corner from Danny’s delicatessen always has a crowd stopping to admire and photograph the artwork.  We, too, stop for pictures.  The Venice Boardwalk is loads of fun and good exercise along with some very unusual shopping and entertainment all through the year.  Join us on a custom luxury tour and we will point out all the artwork along the walk up and down the beach.

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