LA Adventure Specialist - 8:16 17 June 2010

Taking a Tour of My New Hometown

Despite the fact that I have lived in Los Angeles a little over a year, I’ve had few opportunities to explore the sights the city has to offer. Due to my hectic work schedule, I hardly have a spare minute to spend traveling the city at my leisure. I’ve expressed my desire to see the city several times to my boyfriend, and for my birthday last we he surprised me with a pair of LA tours.

The tours were everything that I thought they would be, taking us to some of the famous haunts of bygone Hollywood stars, as well as some of the most popular current attractions. While my boyfriend was visibly bored most of the day, as he has lived in Southern California his entire life, we even stopped at a couple of sites he wasn’t familiar with. Now that I’ve become more acquainted with the city, I’m going to make a concerted effort to begin exploring on my own.

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