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The Hollywood Sign is Born

It is 1923 and the Hollywood Sign is being built on Mt. Lee

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At 92 years old the Hollywood Sign is a grand old dame of show biz.  She had a little work done (a couple of times) and looks mahvelous (thank you Billy Crystal).  The recent repainting in 2005 leaves the sign still glowing throughout the day and in the early evening.  As you can see in this 1923 vintage photograph (displayed in the Elite Adventure Tours offices) there was originally nothing on the hills and slopes of Mt. Lee.  Some far thinking businessmen in Los Angeles purchased the land and were selling it in parcels to prospective landowners coming to participate in the new industries of Los Angeles and Hollywood.  The real estate company paid about $300,000 (in today’s money) for a large sign, illuminated in segments (HOLLY then WOOD then LAND then HOLLYWOODLAND) and as our Los Angeles private tour guests can attest, the parcels were purchased and Hollywoodland was settled.  The sign was only intended to be used for a short while but with the growth of the movie business the sign soon became an iconic symbol of the film world and was left to stand, lights out, and deteriorate.  Happily, efforts in 1978 that were led by Hugh Hefner rebuilt the aging billboard and the Hollywood Sign Trust now guards and preserves the sign.

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