Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 20 May 2015

Hollywood Roosevelt Mailbox Spells Dad

Our private Los Angeles tour guests connect with family at the Hollywood Roosevelt

Our Private Tour Guests Enjoy Lobby Surprise

Our custom luxury tour of Los Angeles is a comfortably paced experience.  Our guests determine, with suggestions from their guide, what the itinerary, route and timing will be.  If they have something special they wish to locate we make sure that we get there and spend as much time as our guests wish.  What a surprise we all had when we were inside the beautiful Spanish decor lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  As our guest approached the shining gold letterbox he immediately noted that the manufacturer was his father’s company, Cutler Mailing System.  We enjoyed a lengthy look around the lobby appreciating his A closeup of the golden letter box in the Hollywood Roosevelt lobbyfamily’s contribution to the stately and elegant space.  He was fascinated by the stories their guide told of the hotel, its place in Academy Award history, its connection to Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift and even to its use in the filming of Entourage.  But they kept returning to the mailbox and spent all the time they wanted admiring a family relic.


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