Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 June 2015

Leave Your Butts in the Car in Hollywood

Leave your cigarettes at home when visiting the Hollywood Sign

Learning L.A. Law on a Private Tour

Surprisingly, even with a high proportion of guests from everywhere in the United States, Europe, the and the Middle East, not to mention Australia and New Zealand, we seldom have smokers aboard our tours.  We do not discourage smoking though we do insist that our guests permit us to take them places where they can smoke undisturbed.  Not only is California, especially Los Angeles, especially difficult for smokers, but we, too, do not permit it in our vehicles.  Our private Los Angeles tour guests soon see how dry the hillsides of Los Angeles quickly become after the rainy season subsides.  We have two seasons here in Los Angeles – the green season and the brown season.  When the hillsides are brown they are just tinder awaiting a flame.  Add a bit of hot dry wind and it only takes a little fire to start a major conflagration around our beautiful and highly populated city.  Warning signs like this are common as we travel through the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills.  Fires are a natural phenomena in our ecosystem and we do not become alarmed to see giant smoky plumes off in the distance throughout the dry season.  We understand that nature is taking its course and from the ashes comes renewal along with forest and wildlife health.  We just want our guests to understand that health and safety are foremost in our minds and those of our Los Angeles neighbors.

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