Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 June 2015

Pitch and Putt in Holmby Hills

A private Los Angeles tour stop in Holby Hills at the Pitch and Putt course

Our Private Tour Stops at Playgrounds for

Children and Adults

Holmby Hills was once home to the Tongva Indians, later a Spanish rancher and finally in the late 19th century belonged to a family that developed the neighborhood into a special enclave of very large, beautiful and expensive homes.  Holmby Hills is part of what is known locally as the Platinum Triangle (along with Bel Air and Beverly Hills).  We spend a good amount of time with our private Los Angeles tour guests driving through this well manicured district pointing out homes associated with such familiar names as Spelling, Bogart, Hefner, Jackson, Affleck, Benny and Mansfield.  We also find it a fun place to make a stop during the tour for stretching and restrooms.  The playground in this park area is perfect for small children needing a chance to expend some extra energy accumulated during the drive from Hollywood.  Our more senior guests enjoy watching the lawn bowling for a while.  If our guests bring along appropriate golf equipment there is even a fine pitch & putt course to stretch their legs and arms and improve their form.

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