Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 June 2015

Cookie Art in Los Angeles

Oreo art on Los Angeles skyscraper

Big City, Big Advertising, Big Fun on Private Tour

Nabisco can afford to rent the side of a tall building on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard (the main street of our city from downtown to the sea) and Western Avenue (a major north-south byway) in mid-city Los Angeles to remind of us of how much we love Oreo cookies.  Oreos are universal and several of our guides have enjoyed discussions with their guests about whether the famous cookie should be taken with milk or tea, dunked or crunched, separated or eaten intact.  There is a lot of culture tied up in this beloved chocolate sandwich cookie (and its numerous variations, double thick chocolate filling being a popular favorite with our private Los Angeles tour groups).  These super-banner ads decorate many buildings in Los Angeles and especially in Hollywood where skyscrapers continue to rise and where countless eyeballs make their way every day.  Beverly Hills skyscrapers, too.  That’s something we help Nabisco accomplish – getting visitors into Hollywood and Beverly Hills and all around Los Angeles.

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