Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 June 2015

Melissa McCarthy Loves Her New Star

Melissa McCarthy at her Walk of Fame ceremony with Ellen Degeneres

Lucky Private Tour Group Watches Ceremony

Our guests do not plan to attend a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony when they make arrangements with us for a custom private tour of Los Angeles.  They just want to see the sights and pick our brains for what to do and see to fully enjoy their visit to the capital of southern California.  However, always on their minds is the possibility of seeing a movie star in person.  Fortunately for them we keep track of public events where there will be celebrities and if our tour timing and route align properly we suddenly find ourselves where a ceremony or event is happening.  Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies are just one of the many ways we put our guests in front of popular stars.  Melissa McCarthy, whose new movie SPY just opened, recently was honored with the 2,552nd star on the fabled walkway.  Her friend Ellen Degeneres paid homage in a fun and spirited way and we were there with a couple of our custom tours out that morning.  Good timing?  Maybe.  Good planning?  Definitely.

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