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Venice Serenity on a Los Angeles Tour

A Venice Canal and a black swan boat (Los Angeles)

Our Private Tour Encounters Peace and

Quiet on a Venice Canal

The history of Venice Beach is perhaps extravagant and venal but what stands today is a tiny community of creative individuals who enjoy a lifestyle that can be found no where else in the U.S.  The beach resort town started in 1905 by millionaire developer Abbot Kinney was supposed to be the “Venice of the West” with homes and businesses constructed around several miles of man-made canals and a huge entertainment pier reaching out into Santa Monica Bay.  At that time the little town was isolated from the fast growing metropolis of Los Angeles but the Red Car trolleys gave the city easy access to the shore for cool weather and excitement on the pier.  Eventually Venice was incorporated into Los Angeles and over time the sprawling city overran little Venice.  Much of the canal system disappeared, the pier was reduced and then ultimately removed, and the resort town envisaged by Mr. Kinney became a bohemian enclave with a fun beach boardwalk.  Most of our private Los Angeles tour guests visit the boardwalk but we always suggest a walk through the remaining canals.  Those who do are considerably charmed by the placid atmosphere so close to a bustling city.

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