Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 June 2015

Universal Pretend Town in Los Angeles

A helicopter's eye view down into the Universal Studios backlot in Los Angeles

By Air or By Tram the Universal Backlot

Thrills our Private Tour Guests

Our guests wanted to see the Hollywood studios, all the studios, and wanted to see them from both our helicopter and by car on a private tour of Los Angeles.  Our pilot was happy to comply.  The studios are used to seeing helicopters hovering overhead believing them to be film crews.  We were filming but using instead our digital SLR camera to capture extraordinary images for our guests’ tour photo album.  The Universal Studios backlot is enormous and occupies the side of a mountain.  Several levels are home to tiny neighborhoods (Whoville) and suburbs (Mockingbird Lane) and set pieces from movies (the jet crash from War of the Worlds and the Bates Motel and Psycho house).  The Universal VIP Experience which we recommend to all of our guests takes a small group of people through all these parts of the studio backlot including the somewhat European neighborhood in the center of the photograph here.  Warner Bros., Paramount and Sony (MGM) also have active backlots that are fun to fly over or visit later on a studio tour.

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