Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 9 July 2015

Art on the Streets of Los Angeles

An imaginative and colorful rendering of Alice in Wonderland on a Los Angeles utility box

Private Tour Charmed by Imaginative Mini-Mural

In a city renowned for its visual messages and bountiful billboards it is nice to see little bits of art scattered about to attract and please our eyes.  We in the city are particularly pleased that various neighborhoods and districts have commissioned artists to decorate the ubiquitous and ugly utility boxes that populate the street corners.  The boxes are important for controlling traffic signals and centralizing access to communication systems and their bland colorations do provide a modicum of camouflage.  But now with them available as canvas for painters and illustrators, cartoonists and other artists it is a delight to discover these boxes as we travel through the city while providing private Los Angeles tours to visitors.  Alice in Wonderland is the obvious subject of this traffic control box we found on the corner of Lincoln and Rose in Venice.  We can imagine a time where these decorated boxes will become landmarks to guide drivers and pedestrians to important rendezvous.  “Meet me at Alice in Wonderland in Venice and we’ll grab a margarita at Casablanca.”  By the way, Casablanca is the fabulous Mexican restaurant with a Bogart theme at the corner near here.

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