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Sign of the Times in Hollywood

Vintage b&w photo of completed Hollywoodland sign

Our Private Tour Guests Love Their

Present Day Photos

Every day, in numerous languages and accents, our private Los Angeles tour guests request to drive up to (or hover in front with our helicopters) the Hollywood Sign.  Without doubt it is the number one destination on any custom tour we create for our guests.  We make it a point to describe the history of Hollywood, the film industry and the Hollywoodland sign and maybe show our guests vintage black & white photos such as this one.  Way back in 1923, as Hollywood was just becoming the movie industry capital, savvy developers saw that there would be a need for housing in the vicinity.  Hollywoodland was the name of that early development and what better way to get folks talking and thinking about a home in the hills than to erect a giant billboard spelling out the name of the upcoming neighborhood.  Mules, horses and the occasional tractor allowed the building crew to carry the material up the side of Mt. Lee to build the bright white 30′ tall letters.  While the “Land” part of the name is gone today the spirit of Hollywood remains and this place is our favorite location to photograph with our guests.

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