Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 July 2015

Breakfast on the Beach Los Angeles Style

At Santa Monica Beach before the crowd on a summer morning

Our Luxury Tour Guests in L.A. Enjoy

Their First Huevos Rancheros

Even in the thick of summer when the inland temperatures rise into triple digits and the crowds throng to the coast to cool off we can still find ourselves looking over Santa Monica beach early in the morning while it remains calm and unpopulated.  This is the best time of day to head to one of the little restaurants along the beach to enjoy a barefooted breakfast on the sand.  Our custom Los Angeles tour guests often take advantage of the “custom” part of our tours and we park and order a typical Los Angeles breakfast – eggs Mexican style, maybe with some chorizo and hot salsa.  Spicy food makes you sweat which makes it seem cooler outside.  That is not really the problem so close to the beach where the temperature is always moderate throughout the year but as we head to Beverly Hills and Hollywood the temperature can really rise.  If it gets too hot then that’s when we start looking for lemonade or milkshakes and other Los Angeles cool treats.  Our guides know all the best places to stop and we encourage our guests to speak up when they want something fun to eat or drink.

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