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Wine and Ostriches

Ostriches return to California

A Private Wine Tour Is for the Birds

Big birds.  Really big birds.  Ostriches and emus.  They reside at a 33-acre ranch just outside the famous Santa Ynez Valley wine region of southern California.  Favorite stopping points around here are Solvang, a Hans Christian Andersen Danish village with all the appropriate storefronts and foods you would expect and Pea Soup Andersen’s where the best pea soup you can imagine is waiting for you at the restaurant beside the windmill.  But back to the ostriches and emus and why a private Los Angeles tour might be up in this part of the state.  We feature a number of wine tasting tours.  Our most popular is the Sideways tour up to this wine region just north of Santa Barbara.  It is very drivable and even more easily arrived at in one of our luxury helicopters.  Sideways you should remember is the critically-acclaimed independent movie celebrating wine and old friends.  The film was about a wine tasting expedition through the beautiful landscape of this valley and we duplicate it in part.  After several visits to sumptuous vineyards and appropriate sampling of their vintages we offer our guests a little sidetrip to see the giant birds of Ostrichland USA.  Four dozen or so of these birds reside here on a brushy plain much like their native Australia.  Ostriches made their first appearance in Anaheim back in the 1880’s when ostrich feathers were a common fashion accessory for women.  Today they are farmed more for their eggs and meat.  However, Ostrichland USA is more a zoo and natural habitat for the tall fast birds and a wonderful fun destination while tasting the wines of Santa Barbara county.

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