Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 27 July 2015

Summer Storm in Los Angeles Does Not Dampen Tour

It is rare but summer storms do happen in Los Angeles

Our Private Tour Guests Enjoy the Rare

Summer Rain in Los Angeles

We do not think that anyone traveling to Los Angeles in the summer expects it to rain.  There are songs, poems and entire novels written about our coastal desert city and how dry it is.  The truth is it does rain here in the summer from time to time.  After all, south of us in Central America and Mexico it is hurricane season.  These storms generally dissipate long before arriving north of the border.  The remnants turn inland and become the beloved monsoons of Arizona that bring them relief from the blazing summer heat.  But now and then the storm survives and makes it up past San Diego and into Los Angeles.  We had several welcome days of rain recently.  More welcome than usual as we are in the midst of a devastating drought and every drop of water is wished for and welcome.  Does the rain affect our private Los Angeles tour guests?  Not much.  We carry umbrellas aboard our vehicles throughout the winter rainy season and know to repack them when these unexpected summer rainstorms appear.  We also know the best “cover sets” (that’s a Hollywood term for secondary locations to film when the weather turns inclement) to take our guests to see if the worst of the storm is pelting us during their tour.  The only downside, really, is that the first rains raise lots of dust that requires an additional washing of our luxury SUVs.

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