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The Canals of Venice, California

The Grand Canal of Venice, CA from our Los Angeles tour helicopter

Our Private Tour Guests Enjoy

Europe in Los Angeles

It is a taste of Italy as designed by a far-seeing developer at the turn of the last century.  Abbot Kinney wanted to create the Venice of the West and so earmarked coastal wetland, a trolley car ride from downtown Los Angeles, as the location for a new Venice.  Complete with canals and gondolas, restaurants, hotels and stores, there was also a giant wooden pier stretching out into Santa Monica Bay upon which arose the carnival atmosphere of the time.  Venice was a place to go to get away from the rigors of city and Hollywood life.  Before the term was coined here was the ultimate Los Angeles “staycation.”  It remains so to this day though considerably changed.  Gone are the pier and most of the canals.  Gondolas for public use are now privately owned duck boats and dinghies.   The central plaza and waterway are only remembered in paintings, drawings and photographs.  Remaining, though, is a vibrant boardwalk (though not constructed of wood any longer, just boring asphalt).  Restaurants abound.  A magnificent beach.  A bike/skate path meanders along the coast between the boardwalk and the beach and there is a world class skate park.  Muscle Beach still beckons the strong and handsome physiques of body builders.  It is a playground, really, still to this day.  We entertain many “staycations” on our combination air + ground Los Angeles tour and give locals a chance to enjoy the scenery in the beach community without having to think about directions and parking.

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