LA Adventure Specialist - 10:56 26 August 2010

Embracing the West Coast Lifestyle

When my husband and I moved to Los Angeles, we immediately noticed that people do things a bit differently on the West Coast. The first thing that struck us was the casualness – I don’t think I’ve seen a single person at work wearing a suit or even khakis. Negotiating all the traffic on the Santa Monica Freeway has been a sobering experience to say the least, but for the most part we’ve adapted quickly.

I particularly like the fact that people in L.A. are so health-conscious. I had never so much as tasted tofu before moving out here, and now it’s one of my favorite garnishes. All of our friends back in Boston were intrigued by our new way of life, and many of them have made the trip out here to see how we’re doing. We love taking them around the city and usually make reservations for LA helicopter tours one day so we don’t have to battle the traffic.

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