Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 August 2015

Characters of Hollywood Boulevard

Freddy Krueger eyes our private Los Angeles tour group in Hollywood

Poseurs Lure Our Private Tour Guests

On a visit to Disneyland you will see many costumed characters and the worst of them might be Captain Hook.  Disney folks do not want to scare the littlest among us.  But on Hollywood Boulevard along the Walk of Fame there is no guiding force (other than market forces) and every character from the entire history of movies and television is a likely persona to find strolling the sidewalks.  That includes bad guys.  Very bad guys!  Like Freddy Krueger who would capture teens as they dreamed.  Despite the nightmares Freddie may have caused our private Los Angeles tour guests many of our people gravitate to him for a picture, an action shot, with this monster (who is really a very nice guy).  Most of the characters plying their trade on the famed boulevard near Grauman’s Chinese Theater are less threatening.  There are more than enough good guys and super heroes to protect the milling throngs of visitors from the nefarious and evil entities wrought by the entertainment industry.  You will be surprised how good these actors are at creating their characters.  It is very much worth a small tip to enjoy their hard work and capture a photograph with them.

There are more good guys than bad guys on Hollywood Boulevard

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