Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 7 August 2015

New Helicopter, Happy Los Angeles Helicopter Tour

Family poses on top of skyscraper beside sleek new Agusta helicopter

Our Expanded Helicopter Fleet Means a

Better Los Angeles Helicopter Tour

How much do our guests enjoy our combination helicopter tours of Los Angeles?  So much that they select to take off and land from our helipad on the top of a downtown skyscraper.  That’s an additional thrill to go with a one-hour flight around the city and up the coast.   As our guests see when we ascend up through the canyons of tall buildings almost all of the skyscrapers have helicopter landing pads designated on their roofs but these are only to be used in the case of emergencies.  There are only a couple of locations in the city (like the LAPD rooftop helipad) where landings can be made on a building and we have access to one of them.  Even regular helicopter fliers admit it is an extraordinary feeling to lift off and immediately find yourself hundreds of feet in the air over a city street.  Landings are equally dramatic as we descend into a forest of giant structures aiming for the one we are to land on.  Our guests are also exclaiming the quiet comfort of our new Agusta A109 Power twinjet helicopter.  Ready to go anywhere with us (Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Santa Catalina Island are frequent tour destinations) these beautiful aircraft perfectly suit our sense of luxury and service with a spacious cabin and large windows to be able to see all the beautiful homes we fly above in Hollywood and Beverly Hills and the studios below us as we explore Los Angeles.

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