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Helicoptering Over Malibu Colony

Approaching Malibu Colony in our helicopter

Our Private Tour Sees Malibu Colony

Where the Stars Live and Play

Hollywood was firing on all cylinders by the late 1920s which was about the same time that financial woes forced the family owning this pristine lagoon area in Malibu to open up the property for sale to individuals.  By this time there were already several movie stars who had been granted permission to build vacation homes (in those days it was a significant journey on poor roads from Hollywood to Malibu).  With the land now fully open for purchase there was a rush to build by those who could afford it and the Malibu Colony was born.  Interestingly, the owners of the land, the Rindge family, were the family behind the highly valued Malibu ceramic tile factory.  The family home is now a museum dedicated to the preservation and aesthetics of Malibu Potteries.  This is just part of the history of the area (Chumash indians, missionaries, William Randolph Hearst, movie stars) that our guides tell to entertain our private Los Angeles tour guests as we drive by or fly over the colony when exploring the coast around Los Angeles.


Fabulous beach homes below in Malibu Colony

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