Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 August 2015

Stan Cline Loves Los Angeles

Stan Cline's painting of the Hollywood Sign in 1960

Stan Cline’s Painting Captures the

Hollywood Tours of 1960

Fifty-five years later not much has changed.  The vehicles are a little more modern (with much better gas mileage) but our private Los Angeles tour guests in our luxury SUVs still get to see cut-away vans carting around groups of tourists listening to a microphone wielding guide.  Everyone still wants to pass through the old stone towers portal into Hollywoodland on the way up to visit the Hollywood SignStan Cline is a native Angeleno trained at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  His paintings look at the city with an artist’s eye through a host of decades.  Transportation (planes, trains and automobiles, and trolleys), sporting facilities, academic institutions, historic landmarks, skylines…Stan works his brushes on all kinds of subjects related to Los Angeles and Southern California.  This particular painting hangs proudly in our office along with framed vintage photographs of Hollywood and Beverly Hills and other outstanding photographs that our guides have taken through the years.  If you love Los Angeles and have an empty place on the wall we strongly suggest you visit Stan’s website or shop for a colorful reminder of how beautiful Los Angeles is….and was.

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