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We Remember Marilyn Monroe on a Private Los Angeles Tour

Marilyn Monroe gets flowers on the anniversary of her death

Our Private Tour Group Visits

Marilyn Monroe’s Grave

August 5th is remembered every year by many people who adored, and continue to worship in their way, Marilyn Monroe.  That Monday in 1962 was a shock to the entire world that induced in many what psychologists refer to as “flashbulb memory,” the exceptionally clear recollection of whereabouts and circumstances when the news was first heard.  Much like the assassinations of the Kennedys or Martin Luther King or the Challenger or Columbia space shuttle disasters, the news of Marilyn’s apparent suicide caused the world to stop and take notice.  Marilyn Monroe is interred in a tiny but beautiful cemetery in Westwood which is a regular stop for many of our older private Los Angeles tour guests who remember the stars of yesteryear many of whom are buried here.  On this particular day there are bouquets and wreaths placed all around her crypt and the lipstick prints left by her many remaining fans.  Not a solemn requiem at all but a joyful remembrance of her beauty and vivaciousness and the wonderful films she left us.

Lipstick lips adorn the grave of Marilyn Monroe

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