Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 24 August 2015

A Store on Our L.A. Tour that is Too Hot for Sissies

A shelf of super hot sauces at Light My Fire at The Original Farmers Market in Hollywood

Our Private Tour Sizzles at the

Original Farmers Market

Their Heat Scale runs from 1-10++ and every product is heat rated and placed on a shelf.  That way our private Los Angeles tour guests deciding to take home some hot sauce can know what they are getting into.  Be forewarned those of you from milder climes and subtle cuisines – this stuff is atomic.  Even the “1” rating is too much for some.  In fact, we often treat our guests to hot papaya gum balls, a child’s confection, to chew as we leave the store and our brave guests will begin to redden and perspire and request that our next stop after leaving LIGHT MY FIRE at the Original Farmers Market in Hollywood is the soda fountain for a milkshake….an emergency chocolate malted (yes, the milk cools the flames).  Also, keep in mind that these sauces from all around the world often entreat attention with their saucy names.  We won’t go into detail on this G-rated blog but suffice it to say that our younger guests would be better off perusing the sticker and decal store next door while their parents chuckle their way through the shelves of red hot condiments.

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