Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 26 August 2015

Can You Count the Stars on a Los Angeles Tour?

Can you count all the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Walk Among the Stars on a

Private Tour of Hollywood

We know most and can find out any of the more than 2,500 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  We like to get our private Los Angeles tour guests to the sidewalk icons of their favorite entertainers and celebrities.  That can be a lot of ground to cover along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.  Both sides of 18 city blocks.  However, the walk is not only interesting but fun.  Lots of fun stores to enter and explore and many interesting tales to tell about old businesses still here (Musso and Frank Grill, since 1919) and others long gone (the Brown Derby).  Spotlighted in today’s photo memory of a recent tour are Paula Abdul (Recording), David Bowie (Recording), Fred Allen (Television), Pierce Brosnan (Film), Jim Backus (Film) and Ted Danson (Television).  When there is a new star dedication ceremony we try to get our guests sightseeing with us that day to the area to be a part of the celebration.  Everyone else just has to watch the streaming or archived video of the event.  It’s much better to be here and see the stars in person.


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