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R.I.P. “The Rev” – Respects Paid on Los Angeles Tour

We visit the grave of The Rev - James Sullivan

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Many of our tours begin with a request or even a list of celebrity homes to visit, Hollywood Walk of Fame stars to find and locations around Los Angeles associated with movie stars and famous performers.  Often, too, our private Los Angeles tour guests will want to visit a particular cemetery or grave to connect with a favorite star now departed.  Recently we were struck by the devotion of a young man from Brownsville, Texas who was a full-hearted fan of Avenged Sevenfold drummer and founder Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan from Avenged SevenfoldJimmy Sullivan whose “band” name was The Reverend Tholomew Plague though he went by the moniker The Rev.  We drove our guests down toOur visit to the grave of The Rev in Hungtington Beach Good Shepherd Catholic Cemetery in Huntington Beach and located The Rev’s headstone.  The Orange County metal scene produced a number of high voltage groups that rocked the music scene including Bleeding Through and Eighteen Visions some of whose members were present at the funeral.  The Rev’s drum kits are on display in a couple of Hard Rock Cafés across the country.  His music lives on with the memories of his fans.

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