Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 28 August 2015

We Are Far from Blue in Los Angeles

A lazy hazy L.A. day in summer

From Malibu to Marina del Rey Our

Private Tour Enjoys the Beaches of Los Angeles

The world is blue when seen from our Los Angeles tour helicopter as we cruise up the coast sometimes barely skimming the water.  The beaches are still packed with waders and wallowers enjoying the cool Pacific waters under the hazy sun.  The blue lifeguard stations buzz with activity right out of the old television series filmed around here, Baywatch.  Bikini clad roller bladers glide along the bike path that parallels the beach for almost 30 miles from the Palos Verdes Peninsula to Malibu.  The Venice Boardwalk is operating at full capacity with comedians, acrobats, magicians and all sorts of entertainers competing for the attention of gawkers with the clothing stores and souvenir shops all along the way.  We entreat our private Los Angeles tour guests when we circle back in our SUV for the road portion of a combination air + ground tour to sit for a henna tattoo (which fades away in a couple of weeks) or have their fortune divined by a professional tarot reader.  The long wooden piers of the past with their carnival and circus attractions are mostly gone but the Venice Boardwalk has some of that amusement and curiosity factor remaining.  Yes, summer on the beach in Los Angeles is worth enjoying as much as possible.

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