Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 September 2015

See a TV Show Filmed at CBS after Your Private Los Angeles Tour

CBS Television City in Hollywood

Our Private Tour Guests Plan to Attend

a Show Taping at CBS

Hollywood is a fairly regular destination for all of our private Los Angeles tour families and groups, as anyone would expect, but there is a lot to see and do when in Hollywood.  Many of our guests request that we show them historic movie studios, recording studios, film production stages and offices, talent agencies, publication offices, television studios – places of importance for the production of films, television shows, radio shows and music recording.  These guests often arrive in Los Angeles with tickets in hand to see a television show taping.  We have much to choose from: talk shows, game shows and sitcoms all desire audiences.  Each taping is different in its excitement and ambiance.  One of our regular destinations as we show off our Hollywood studios is CBS Television City where wonderful and familiar shows are filmed during their seasons.  Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless have their homes here.  James Corden recently took the well worn late night talk show seat of Craig FergusonBill Maher works here.  Drew Carey hosts The Price Is RightDancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and Rising Star are taped at this large complex conveniently located right next to the Original Farmers Market and The Grove.  You often see game show contestants in their odd costumes having coffee with other studio and Hollywood people at the market.


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