Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 4 September 2015

U.C. Santa Barbara is a Jewel on the California Coast

A look at the U.C.S.B. campus from our tour helicopter

Our Private Tour Flies Up to Santa Barbara

Like the ever popular destination San Diego, Santa Barbara is a relatively short drive up the coast (more west  than north) from Los Angeles.  There is much to see and talk about on the drive but it is still time on the highway in a car and at the wrong time of day or when the traffic gods are angry it can be a slow arduous ride.  An exciting way to avoid the drive is to fly…in a luxury helicopter (our new Agusta A109).  The twin jet engines permit us to fly out to sea though our pilots really enjoy flying low above the calm seas so we can spot whales, dolphins, seals and surfers as we skim over the water near the beaches.  One of the most beautiful sights in Santa Barbara is the campus of the University of California.  Roughly 23,000 students enjoy more than 1,000 acres situated on a point of land jutting into the blue Pacific Ocean.  There is a lagoon right on campus and nearby wetlands that are homes to many species of birds that travel through the area during the year.  We look at the beautiful beaches along the campus, the quaint village of Isla Vista abutting it and wonder how any studying or research gets done.

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