Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 18 September 2015

Venice – L.A.’s Cool Hood

Venice (California) welcomes you

Our Private Los Angeles Tour Guests Enjoy

Venice Day and Night

When we time just right an all day or just a late afternoon custom luxury tour of Los Angeles we can get through Hollywood and Beverly Hills, even downtown L.A., before heading to the beach to watch the sunset.  That means we get to explore Venice after the sun goes down when the cool evening breezes carry the aromas of ocean and food along the shore.  The boardwalk closes down and the crowds head back inland but the night people emerge to fill the sidewalks, food stands, cafés and restaurants.  The lighter traffic means that music can be heard everywhere, much of it live from street performers and some within businesses or just pouring out of the open windows of nearby residents.  Our hungry guests can decide to visit a Zagat-rated Venice restaurant or we can remain on the beach for deli at Danny’s or walk along to choose between the Figtree’s Café and Grill, the Sidewalk Café or the Venice Ale House.  The sea gulls settle onto the perches as we walk along the remaining canals and look into neighbors’ houses and completely enjoy a romantic promenade over arched wooden bridges through the waterways left from Abbot Kinney’s dream of a playground on a Los Angeles beach.

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