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Where to Buy Hollywood History and a Good Watch

Wonderful antique store in Hollywoodland

Time and Money Together for Our

Private Tour at Hollywoodland Antiques

Hollywoodland today is an adorable village setting just inside the giant stone portals that were erected back in 1923 to welcome residents to a new real estate development – HOLLYWOODLAND.  You couldn’t miss the road up Beachwood Canyon to this location.  All you needed to do was look up at the giant illuminated sign comprised of 30′ tall letters.  The original real estate company office remains just inside the portals along with a tiny commercial district to serve the hillside community just above Hollywood.  One business, there since 1996, is Hollywoodland Antiques.  Jeff Meyer and his wonderful staff present a wild assortment of high quality items and memorabilia representative of Los Angeles and Hollywood since the first movie star arrived.  The store also specializes in time… exotic and vintage watches and timepieces adorn the shop where they each have stories to be told to our private Los Angeles tour guests with whom we venture in for some fun exploring.  Food, shopping and a touch of Hollywood history are part of what we experience on our way up to take pictures of the Hollywood Sign.

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