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Underground Art in Los Angeles Might Mean the Subway

There is a subway train to Hollywood

Transit Art for Our Private Tour Guests

Means a Train Ride

Visitors to Los Angeles, even local residents, do not immediately think of subway trains when they consider the idea of public transportation in our city.  Even trolley cars seem foreign despite the popularity of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.  All you see in our city are cars and buses.  You really need to know where to look to see our growing rail system.  Thankfully, many of our private Los Angeles tour guests are interested in how we move around the city.  Or….they are interested in public art.  That is one of our favorite topics as our readers know and the Metro Rail system is a hugely fun way to experience the work of some very special artists.  The Metro Rail system consists of two heavy train lines (Red, Purple) comprising almost 23 miles of rail (and it’s growing).  We have almost 50 miles (also growing) of light rail line, just so you know.  What is fantastic is that a living artist was assigned to the design team of each underground station (and several above ground stations of the light rail system) providing Los Angeles and Hollywood with beautiful works of art to enjoy at each stop.  The entire station is that work of art.  Different media and presentations run from the surface to the tracks.  How “artistic” is this enterprise?  Regular docent guided walking/riding tours are scheduled throughout the year to see a number of stations just as an art lover would experience in an art museum.  Our guides are familiar enough to lead their own tours when their guests wish to get out of the SUV and ride the subway.  For obvious reasons we like the Hollywood station the best.  All aboard!

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