Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 25 September 2015

The Skyscrapers of Downtown Los Angeles

Our private tour helicopter approaches downtown Los Angeles

Our Private Helicopter Tour Passes Through

Downtown Los Angeles

Flying in a helicopter is always a treat even for those generally used to traveling in these small urban aircraft.  Our pilot is always busy talking with aircraft control personnel and watching for police, news, film production and other choppers flying the Los Angeles airways.  We, however, get to marvel at the abundant blue skies bordering the tall buildings that make up our urban core.  The tallest building in the west is the U.S. Bank building and the very unusual silver cylinder set is the lovely and hospitable Westin Bonaventure Hotel (we recommend it to our guests wanting a great place to stay downtown).  As we wend our way through the canyons of steel and glass there are more skyscrapers heading south including a new tower that will soon replace the U.S. Bank building as the tallest, the Wilshire Grand Center (by 25 meters).  This is a busy city downtown with an important financial center.  There is also a garment district including the very enjoyable for shopping Santee Alley, a jewelry district, an arts district and a Broadway theater district.  Served by subway, bus and trolley yet eminently walkable we prefer to fly over and through downtown on our way to see other parts of a very large Los Angeles….all the way to the beach.

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