Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 September 2015

Santa Monica Here We Walk

Walking along the palisades in Santa Monica

A Stroll Along the Santa Monica Palisades

with Our Private Tour

The Santa Monica Bay curves in front and behind us as we walk along the palisades in Santa Monica.  Beautiful residences, restaurants and hotels line the far side of the boulevard.  The sandy cliffs on the other side lead down to PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and the wide clean beaches running up to Malibu and beyond in one direction and down to the Palos Verdes Peninsula (about 40 miles) in the other.  The bay is blue and full of life…both sea creatures and people.  We easily convince our private Los Angeles tour folks why the movie stars in the new town of Hollywood back at the turn of the last century built their first beach homes right below us.  As much time as it might have taken us to drive here from Hollywood with traffic it was a much longer journey back in the days when horses were still a form of conveyance and automobiles had to be hand cranked.  Brand new street cars could be said to be rickety in those golden days of the first feature length movies and movie palaces but those trolleys rumbled from downtown and Hollywood to the beach so fully dressed residents could escape the inland summer heat and jump into the ocean.  Homes still occupy the beach all along the Los Angeles coastline, some magnificent and others just ordinary homes (that cost a whole lot of money these days).  Our guides stay abreast of local real estate and have many answers to the questions their guests ask when we explore the coast on a luxury tour.

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