Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 1 October 2015

Buy Some Laughs at The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store in W. Hollywood before opening

Rich Club History Amuses Our Private Tour Guests

Some of our private Los Angeles tour guests have actually heard of Ciro’s, the infamous Sunset Strip nightclub where the Golden Age and Rat Pack Hollywood stars drank, performed and drank some more.  Ah, the jokes that could be heard at the tables must have been hilarious.  Ciro’s then became The Comedy Store in 1972 and the jokes moved onto the stage as Mitzi and Sammy Shore created a showcase for young and upcoming comedians as well as comedy stars during what became a Golden Age of Standup Comedy. Where do you think Pauly Shore came from?  The list of great performers is too long to recite but you can pretty much be assured than any comedian you have heard of from Johnny Carson to Adam Hunter has amused and delighted audiences in this W. Hollywood hotspot.  Los Angeles is a funny town…funny peculiar and funny ha-ha…and offers several great comedy clubs to host the many funny people looking for crowds of laugh seekers.  Get your laugh on and spend an evening at The Comedy Store.

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