LA Adventure Specialist - 11:26 24 August 2010

Sweet Rose Creamery @ the Brentwood Country Mart

Think of this as a retro date spot you can rely on—the owners are also behind your Rustic Canyon burgers and Huckleberry doughnuts—for those warm LA days when you need to show off your more traditional side. (It’s in there somewhere.) Step up to the counter, order a Salted Caramel Shake and meet her at the stools with a couple of straws. It’s like last night never happened—except the good parts.

On private Hollywood tours, we are always suggesting unique gems like Sweet Rose Creamery that will leave our clients with a specialized appreciation for what there is to offer in LA!  You’ll also just want to keep it in mind anytime you’re… really hot.  The ice creams constantly change, and everything’s homemade in small batches, from the marshmallows to the cones to the chocolate chips. We especially like the Strawberry Ice Cream Pie (ice cream and whipped milk in a graham cracker crust) to help you keep your cool.

Sweet Rose Creamery

at the Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th St, Suite 51
Santa Monica, CA 90402

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