Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 6 October 2015

Quiet Los Angeles Days

The street sign says Hollywood Boulevard

Private Tour in Off Season is Perfect!

Any time of the year Los Angeles is warm, inviting and fun to visit.  Regular visitors know as well as the residents, though, that there are times of the year where the city, especially Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the beaches, is particularly busy.  Summer time, of course, the winter holidays and the spring holidays.  The rest of the time the crowds thin, the beach lifeguards are gone, and the lines at Disneyland and Universal Studios are more manageable.  Also, restaurant reservations are easier to get and hotel rooms are in less demand.  What we appreciate most as a transportation-based company is that traffic is more manageable, more predictable.  We are masters of traffic flow and alternate routes.  We are among the best players of the “Getting around Los Angeles” game.  We have a fun staff meeting activity we call “SigAlert Detour” where we share traffic shortcuts and workarounds to recent construction or just changing patterns of vehicles on the streets we most regularly travel.  We include parking tips in our game, too.  What this means is that any time of the year we get our private Los Angeles tour from one location to another as expeditiously as possible (allowing for good sightseeing, naturally) and that we get there more easily during the off-seasons.

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