Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 14 October 2015

The Fashion (Shoot) of Beverly Hills

A fashion shoot on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

Our Private Tour Photography Captures

Fashion Photography

As we turned onto Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with our private Los Angeles tour group we encountered this fashion shoot….right on the street.  Behind them is the cobblestone walkway of Two Rodeo and across the street the haute couture jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels.  Just another day in Los Angeles.  Our streets are shared in countless movies,television shows, commercials and print ads.  Our tours pass production crews both large and small all the time.  To those of us who live here it is just another traffic pinchpoint or detour.  To our guests visiting from all over the world it is part of the excitement they expect to find in Los Angeles and Hollywood.  And Beverly Hills.  Latest numbers show more than 4,300 “shoot days” on location in Los Angeles.  That’s money in the bank for the city in so many ways not least of all bringing sightseers to our Southern California city to visit film locations for their favorite movies and television shows.  We keep this production information in mind to share with our guests when they journey with us through the streets of Los Angeles.  If we just happen upon a camera crew and some beautiful people in gorgeous clothing, well, so much the better!

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