Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 21 October 2015

Get High in Santa Monica on Your Los Angeles Tour

The Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica PierOur Private Tour Stops for Amusement Rides

Direct the guide driving your private Los Angeles tour to take you to the beach.  There, so close to Hollywood and downtown L.A. you can ride a Ferris Wheel 130′ above the breaking waves with breathtaking views of the coast and Santa Monica Bay.  Santa Monica boasts the world’s only solar powered Ferris Wheel which is illuminated with more than 160,000 LED lights.  This is the latest incarnation of the 1893 invention of George Washington Gale Ferris which thrilled visitors to Chicago’s World’s Columbian Exposition and one-upped the French Eiffel Tower unveiled four years earlier.  It is also the second Ferris Wheel to occupy this location on the Santa Monica Pier situated at the reputed end (or beginning) of Route 66Pacific Park, the pier’s amusement park, offers a roller coaster and other amusement park rides as well as carnival games, souvenirs and plenty of food our custom luxury tour guests would rather their children not eat.  However, the cool breeze and cleansing ocean air make the dietary indulgences acceptable.  The seagulls stand around eagerly awaiting spilled popcorn and other human produced refuse not quite making it to trash receptacles.

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