Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 22 October 2015

Be an Angel and Help Angels Flight

The Angels Flight Railway seen in a vintage color photograph

Our Private Tour Guests Get to See Angels Flight

but Do Not Get to Ride

Angels Flight is a remarkable tiny railroad that has moved people up and down Bunker Hill since 1901.  True, the original location of the railway was developed in the late 1960s and the entire operation was moved nearby to continue its service.  The two cars, Sinai and Olivet, save commuters a steep climb and descent from the lower downtown area to the top of a the busy financial district.  For those who like numerical details the grade is 33% and runs 315 feet.  Our TBT (throwback Thursday) vintage color photo is definitely mid-century (20th) and features the 3rd Street tunnel in dowtown Los Angeles (DTLA).  Despite having transferred more passengers per mile than any other railroad the tiny railway has had its share of problems, both engineering and financial.  Cleared for safety and ready to return to operation at this time money is the significant issue keeping Angels Flight closed.  To remedy this a fundraiser has been organized on behalf of this historic feature of our city.  On Thursday, November 5th (7-11pm) at the beautifully restored Million Dollar Theater in L.A.’s Broadway District, there will be a fascinating program featuring the classic noir film M by Joseph Losey in which Angels Flight is seen.  There will also be a presentation by a local historian talking about Angels Flight through the years illustrated with rare photographs and film clips.  You can be sure we will be prompting our private Los Angeles tour guests in town at that time to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from real historians about the early days of L.A. and this amazing piece of its story while helping to return to service the little railroad that could.

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