LA Adventure Specialist - 4:43 27 August 2010

OC Foodie Fest @ The Honda Center 8-28-10

OC Foodie Fest

Anaheim (11:30am-7pm)
Orange County’s first gourmet food truck event taking place Saturday, August 28th at the Honda Center in Anaheim. The one-day event will be the ultimate foodie destination, featuring the best in popular mobile eats combined with a unique forum to showcase local entertainment & shopping to help support local charities. 50 food trucks in all.  It is hard not to point out all of these rolling restaurants throughout the city on our private Los Angeles van tours.  Admission to the event is $12 bucks +food prices, or VIP for $50 +food prices which gets you in 30 minutes early with a bag full-o-swag.  You’re still gonna spend all day standing in line; because that is how it really rolls!  It is an experience though!

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