Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 27 October 2015

Sweet Deer Greets Our Private Tour in Hollywood

A deer comes to meet our private Los Angeles tour in the Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Deer Are Friendly with Our

Private Tour and very Photogenic

Perhaps it is the dry hillsides that are bringing the deer closer to neighbors and even right up to our private Los Angeles tour guests as we were walking around Lake Hollywood over near Mulholland Dam.  It was still quite early and cool when this animal appeared nearby.  Not only was it not startled but it approached our small group on the quiet morning and appeared to give us a big deer smile when we clicked away with our camera.  Deer are among the animals we regularly encounter in the hills around Hollywood and Beverly Hills or out in Griffith Park.  We also cross paths with skunks and raccoons.  Rarer, but not uncommon, are coyotes.  Bobcats, rattlesnakes, cougars and bears, thankfully never though we know they are out there….watching us.  We respect their territory and they allow us to pass.  All of our staff love the animals and speak respectfully of them and their right to live where they have always lived.  We only want them in our photos.  Maybe one day they will pose for us beneath the Hollywood Sign.  We would change our company logo with that photograph.

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