Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 29 October 2015

The Black Dahlia Murder Site Visited on Our Dark Side Tour

A vintage photo taken at the Black Dahlia murder

Murder and Mayhem Piques Our

Private Tour Guests’ Interests

Los Angeles, like any major American city, has its share of tabloid murders and scandals.  Many of our private Los Angeles tour guests request that we show them the city from this perspective which we are highly qualified to do.  Besides more recent show trials like O.J. Simpson and the Mendendez brothers, we can also go back in time through L.A. history to the Manson family massacres and still farther back, to 1947 and the Black Dahlia murder.  This front page story in January of that year described the horrible mutilation of 22-year old Elizabeth Short and the lurid discovery of her remains in a part of Los Angeles now called Leimert Park.  Nicknamed the Black Dahlia after a recently released film noir, Blue Dahlia, the details of the scene and the investigation titillated readers for months.  Despite numerous confessions and suspects no single perpetrator emerged through the months and there was never a prosecution.  The sad circumstances led to novels, films and television movies through the years but no additional evidence or facts.  Our visiting the present day location where the poor murdered woman was found is a small contribution to keeping her memory alive.

The Norton Avenue location today where the Black Dahlia was found

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