Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 3 November 2015

Where Do the Wild Food Trucks Roam? has an app we use to find food trucks for our Los Angeles tour guests

It Is Easy Now to Find a Food Truck for

Our Los Angeles Tour

We mention many restaurants in this blog that we enjoy and, more importantly, our private Los Angeles tour guests enjoy, and that we can make a lunch destination during our sightseeing excursions through the city.  In the recent past we also have written about the many food trucks we enjoy stopping at for a bite to One of our favorites, the Grilled Cheese Truck, as it appears on the appeat.  The difficulty with the food trucks was that we had to know their regular schedule or follow those who were social media savvy on Twitter.  The process was a bit burdensome for our guides who are also driving, talking and photographing their guests.  Well, along comes and our prayers for an easier way are answered.  Their very cool app which we have on our cellphones tells us immediately where all the food trucks are.  If we are close by then we can head to one when the hunger bells aboard our luxury SUV start to ring.  We highly recommend the app to our Los Angeles friends but our guests from all around the country have an opportunity to find their favorite food trucks in all the major cities.  I’m sure any food truck business in any city will want to be a part of this tracking system.  The food trucks also enjoy the advantage of being quickly reachable to be booked for a catering gig.  Kudos to Ross Resnick and his crew for developing this very cool and useful tool.  Now we just need a celebrity tracking system.


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