Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 30 October 2015

Halloween Goodbye to Supperclub L.A.

A aerialist swings above the revelers at Supperclub L.A.

The Old Hollywood Movie Theater that Intrigued

Our Private Tour Guests

Sightseeing along Hollywood Boulevard always takes us past an old movie theater that faded away in the 80s and subsequently hosted all sorts of other businesses.  The most recent, for the past 6 years, has been Supperclub L.A.  A nightclub designed for this time in Hollywood history the club featured wild Costumed patrons at Supperclub L.A. Halloween pastentertainment and the most contemporary music to dance away the night.  The food was good, too.  But alas, all things must pass and Supperclub L.A. will suspend operations tonight with a Halloween send off that should rival all the other wild and woolly parties happening over All Hallows Eve weekend.  Imagine a frolicking crowd with fabulous costumes drinking and dancing in chaotic frenzy as though everything returns to boring order the next day.  That’s what to expect with DJ Reflex pushing the beats and the cast and crew of Supperclub L.A. making sure their last night is remembered on all nights to come.  For you party monsters here is a list of other haunting venues to consider for your weekend’s delight.  Visitors to our fair city might enjoy an opportunity to join us for a private Dark Side Tour of Los Angeles so you can be creeped out before nightfall and ready to dance until your spirits (or those of past Angelenos) rise up to greet the dawn.


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