Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 10 November 2015

Clifton’s is Back and Lunch is a Los Angeles Tour Experience

Clifton's Cafeteria in downtown Los Angeles is back and it is great!

Guides Surprise Our Private Tour Guests

with Lunch at Clifton’s

Clifton’s Cafeteria has always been a superlative dining establishment in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA): best food, cheapest food, most food served, largest space, most people served.  Just recently reopened the new owners seek to maintain as many of those superlative descriptions as they can…and we surely hope they will.  So far we are very impressed.  Clifton’s Cafeteria is the only remaining restaurant of a chain of eight themed food palaces built by Clifford Clinton.  The first opened in 1931.  The only remaining Clifton’s saw its first diners in 1935 and was named Brookdale after a lodge in the Santa Cruz Mountains near where Clifford camped with his family as a youngster.  That explains the outdoors motif – redwood trees, bears and other wild animals, a waterfall.  The family-owned business operated to feed its patrons well and at a reasonable cost, sometimes with only ½¢ profit for each meal.  Pay-what-you-can and even free meals were provided for those unable to pay.  This unfortunate group included at one time Ray Bradbury when he was a struggling writer.  Charles Bukowski, too.  The newly remodeled Clifton’s Cafeteria might run a little more money than in the past and be less inclined to feed the poor but is definitely a dining experience to be sought by locals as well as us with our guests on a private Los Angeles tour.

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