Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 12 November 2015

Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder Over Los Angeles

A view from our Los Angeles skyscraper helipad before we departNo Hustle or Bustle from Our Los Angeles Tour

Skyscraper Helipad

Rooftop departures are de rigueur for any of our helicopter tours over and around Los Angeles.  We offer a number of convenient airports for our guests to chose where they wish to take off from depending on the part of the city where they are staying or the route we take from their hotel to the airport.  We also give our private Los Angeles tour guests the opportunity to see what it is like to lift off from atop a tall building in the heart of downtown Los Angeles (DTLA).  Our guests notice as we fly up and over the city that all the skyscrapers have helipad markings and windsocks.  However, these are only for emergency use by fire department, medical and law enforcement helicopters.  There are only a couple of helipads permitted to handle commercial aircraft and our tours are invited to use one of them.  As soon as we clear the rooftop we are hundreds of feet above the busy downtown streets and in between even taller buildings.  We look into the windows of busy people working at desks or watching us enviously wishing they were about to fly out to the coast and low over the waves as far north as Malibu.  Our route takes us over the fancy neighborhoods of Brentwood, Bel Air and Beverly Hills and then along the Sunset Strip into Hollywood.  There we always like to thrill our aviation guests with a closeup eye level look at the Hollywood Sign.  Our luxury helicopters are smooth and comfortable and, as twin-engine aircraft, safe to fly over the channel to Catalina Island if our guests wish.  As exciting as the take off from the rooftop is flying back down to land on what seems a tiny piece of Los Angeles real estate is a true adventure.

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