Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 16 November 2015

When There Is Only a Bit of Sunshine in Los Angeles

The beach is cloudy but downtown Los Angeles is lit by the sun

Dramatic Los Angeles Skies for Our

Private Helicopter Tour to Fly Through

The eye of the storm is arriving and Century City and downtown Los Angeles are highlighted in an aerial photograph we took for our private Los Angeles tour guests.  We are above the beach in Santa Monica looking east as the clouds roll through.  The rain is welcome for both the water in our parched community and the cooling temperatures.  We are entering our other season now, the “wet” season or the “green” season is how we refer to the part of the year when, from time to time, we experience a rainstorm and inclement weather.  Most often the rain comes at night just like Camelot.  We seldom find a need to postpone a helicopter tour.  Our hiking tours might need to be avoided for a day or two after a good soaking but for the most part every kind of tour we provide we do throughout the year.  We carry umbrellas on board and know some excellent indoor destinations to enjoy the history of Los Angeles.

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