Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 17 November 2015

Big Family Tour Visits Big Dig in Santa Monica

In Santa Monica above the big dig on PCH is our big family on a private tour of Los Angeles

Construction Does not Diminish the

Ocean Views on Santa Monica Tour

We filled up our extra large luxury vehicle for this family tour all around Los Angeles and out to Santa Monica to visit the beaches.  The clear day provided us with extraordinary views of the Channel Islands off the city coast and a chance to see a major construction project upgrading the ramp up and down from Santa Monica to PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).  Kids love big dirt movers, cranes and pavers and there are plenty to be seen just above the great old homes that were first on the beach when Hollywood was still making movies without soundtracks or color.  Back in those days the trip from Hollywood to Santa Monica could take a half a day.  Today we get there much faster unless we stop at any number of historic and interesting destinations along the way (studios, art installations, celebrity homes, boutique shops).  Los Angeles is dense with history interesting to our private luxury tour guests that has happened mostly since the beginning of the last century when the film cameras came to town.  And for the kids there is the Santa Monica Pier.

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