Luxury Tours of Los Angeles - 3:00 19 November 2015

Antique Chevy Impala on the Streets of Los Angeles

A vintage Chevy Impala cruises the streets of Los Angeles

Our Private Tour Guests Wish They

Were in the Vintage Chevy

This is a recent photograph of an antique automobile out for a spin on a Beverly Hills street.  We saw (our private Los Angeles tour guests noticed first) this beautifully maintained Chevrolet Impala, vintage late 50s or early 60s, turning onto Wilshire Boulevard from Rodeo Drive near the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (very popular with our clientele).  Our younger guests were able to read the markings and insignia but those of us in the office who have been around a while knew the Impala when we looked at the photos from the tour.  As we wish farmers would identify what is growing in their fields near the freeway and along major roads, we also wish owners of these exquisite vintage automobiles would have some placard exactly identifying the vehicle for all the curious onlookers whose attention they know they are attracting.  Maybe someday an enterprising app developer will create software for our cellphones that will be able to determine the make, model and year of any car we encounter.  A program like that would be as essential to a Southern Californian as a bird identifier app is for an Audobon Society member.  The beauty of the climate here is that these classic cars can be driven throughout the year and so always remind us of the beautiful car designs of earlier days.

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